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3. Enterprise package - Full Service

3. Enterprise package - Full Service


The package includes full service. This means we will undertake all configurations and the coordination of necessary activities. You will have the possibility to define priorities for our development roadmap and thus get needed features faster.

License period – the period of time when your application will be available and supported by our team.

The license will allow you to generate 5 downloadable desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS.

Features included in the package:

  1. Possibility to define 5 URLs for both apps
  2. Downloadable Windows App
  3. Downloadable Mac OS App
  4. Possibility to upload own app icon
  5. 50,000 downloads (per month) included in the package
  6. Access to analytics
  7. Updates and new features will be added based on company roadmap
  8. You will get the script for app publishing (just add to your site to add download buttons)
  9. Deployment package (text templates for your customers, download buttons images)
  10. Platforms Supported: Windows 7, macOS 10.9+ (64 Bit only)

The desktop application will make your site available from Windows or Mac desktop computers.

You will be sent an email immediately once you complete the order. The email will provide you with instructions to access our app generator. You will be able to define the URL of your domain and upload the Logo of your brand before the generation of applications. You will have access to advanced options, including sub-domain mapping as a downloadable URL and a downloadable button script.

You will have the possibility to prolong the license period by purchasing additional licenses later on. Your account and application limit will be updated and prolonged in accordance with condition of the new license.

In case you have any questions please contact us at