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About us

Who we are

We are a team of IT professionals who believe that any type of web site/business needs to be available through every possible distribution channel. We found that there are many services to create mobile apps but none for the creation of downloadable apps except through expensive custom application development. We created our service in one year and are now happy to propose it to you and your business.

Why we sell the items we sell

We believe that there is a huge ecommerce market available through desktop apps. We believe that our customers will grow their business using our products and we will have the opportunity to develop and provide even more businessoriented tools. We also intend to create more opportunities for business in the future by establishing partnership connections with customers. 

Where we are located

We located in Latvia, one of the Baltic States within the European Union. Our offices are in Latvia’s capital, Riga. We are growing and we have opened an office in Malta already. Our main markets are the USA and Europe.

How long have we been in business

We have been worked in the IT industry for 20 years, but this branch of business was opened in 2016. We have created and tested technology every day since and finally we are happy to propose it to our customers.

How long you have been running your online shop

The Desktopium site opened in 2017 and was immediately available via downloadable applications. Our application generator also works via a desktop app in addition to our mobile site and online site. Our team is continually busy with the development of new features in response to interest in our products.

Our Team

Our company contains people with a high level of technical and IT education and skills, and with at least 10+ years of experience in IT. We have strong expertise in desktop apps, mobile apps, and social networks. 


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