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Top 3 Reasons Your Online Site Needs a Desktop App

Here are the top three reasons your business – and every business today – needs an app.

1) It Increases Access to Your Customers

You probably have a desktop computer. Most people do. In fact, 99% of all online users have an access to desktop computer. This means that most people are surfing the web from the office of home. 24/7, non-stop. By creating desktop app, you are able to access your customer wherever they are. You no longer have to wait for your customer to walk into your store. You are with them all the time.


2) It Re-Engages Customers

Creating a desktop app for your customers allows them unlimited access to you. It also helps you re-engage customers who haven’t bought from you in awhile. By enabling push notifications, your desktop app can send reminder messages to your customer to check out the latest deals your company is offering.

Some businesses release a desktop app with special offers that are only available on the desktop app. This is another way to re-engage your customers and remind them to keep coming back for all the great value you give to them.


3) It’s an opportunity to give something

Lots of businesses (and marketing techniques) try to take from their customer, neglecting the opportunity to give back to them. Most consumers don’t respond well to this, as they don’t have an incentive to keep coming back for more. Marketing techniques should actually be 98% of a gift to their customer and 2% marketing and sales. With this tactic in mind, it’s important for a business to have a desktop app that can continually offer its customer new, refreshing, and engaging content. Starbucks was revolutionary when they released their app. They offered a new rewards program through in-app purchasing. When a customer made a purchase through their app, they acquired a star and, after a certain number of stars had been earned, the customer received a free drink or food item. It was a really good way to encourage customers to purchase through the app and receive a reward. With engaging content and gift incentives, an app can serve as an effective sales tool.

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