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Did you provide access to your site or services via Windows and Mac OS apps?

While there are great numbers of websites, more than a billion of them cannot be used via branded desktop apps. They are excluded from the main market economy, which generates 70% of sales and 90% of work activities via desktop computers and desktop apps. 

Did you provide access to your site or services via Windows and Mac OS apps?

All site owners could significantly improve their business performance and take greater advantage of the wide expanse of business opportunities that is out there. Who doesn't dream about millions of new customers in these times of wild competition?

Everyone focuses on mobile apps and mobile sites, but forgets about the fantastic amount of desktop apps users and the great market that can be accessed via desktop users.

Most of the owners of these sites are not able to create desktop apps because of difficulties in their creation and maintenance, a lack of resources and knowledge, and time. 

How do you develop a new marketing channel to acquire billions of new customers via downloadable desktop apps, via Microsoft Store, via the App Store? How you will place your business shortcut on every desktop?

We have found a way to meet your needs and developed great software that can generate desktop apps for your sites in minutes.

All you need to start is an account at
From there, you are connected to the desktop apps market!

How does it work?
Visually simple and intuitive, the Desktopium app allows you to generate Windows and Mac OS downloadable apps immediately without any technical skills.

After a few minutes of getting started, you can receive your own desktop apps and then make money from anywhere in the world

Learn more about us at and join our mission to provide new marketing channels via premium technology for everyone.

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